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Thursday, 19 May 2016

Combined Art Socities 3 day Workshop with Herman Pekel

Combined Art Societies 3 days Workshop at Merroo 2016
3 days with Herman Pekel.  Herman is a great artist, I love his style be it landscapes or streetscaqpes. He is also an excellent  tutor and I have learned a great deal.  The 3 days are quite demanding, you literally paint till you drop from 9 in the morning till 16.00 and by Sunday the brain simply refuses to cooperate. 
6 paintings in 3 days.  My effort at one of the street scene was pretty awful, so I scraped the paint off and will redo it again at home.  Good practice.  
Herman paints the Melbourne street scenes with such an ease…. and they are absolutely stunning …. Maybe I should stick to landscapes