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Friday, 3 April 2015

Fiddler with a Puppet Show Staromestsky Namesti Prague

Staromestsky Namesti, Prague Watercolour 28 x 38 cms
I  wanted to paint this photo for a while.  It was a labour of love which taken many hours and turned out  to be quite a scurrilous painting, with compositional and perspective downfalls.        

 One less in the “hard basket”  though.
The Statue in the middle of the square is of a religious reformer Jan Hus, who for his beliefs, was burned at the stake in Constance. Staromestsky Namesti is known for the famous Prague Astronomical Clock, the Gothic Tyn Church and a baroque St. Nicholas Church.


  1. I like your painting, it has alot of colors and details, yet it is smooth in apperance. Thanks for sharing painting and story. Happy easter!

    1. thank you is a special place.

  2. This is a lovely painting, with lots of feeling on it. Makes think makes feel, super!

    Happy painting and Happy Easter Alena!