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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Corn Cob

Watercolour, Arches 200 gr, Size 28 cms x 19 cms
Colours: Quinaq.Gold, Auerolin, brown madder, burnt sienna, titch aliz, raw sienna & cobalt (sky), my dark mix, magentam cad yellow & indian yell.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Trunkey Creek Village, NSW Australia

Watercolour, Arches 250 gr, Size 38 x 28 cms.
The village of Trunkey Creek is located in the Central West of New South Wales Australia on the road to Crookwell, between Bathurst & Goulburn.

Trunkey Creek was established during the gold rush back in 1851 & mines sprang up throughout the whole hillside. The population grew quickly to 50 & at one time the village had a population of approx. 2,500. Now it may have just about 60 residents.

In January 1939 a massive bushfire devastated the village. Several lives were lost and many buildings were destroyed including the school. Charred fence posts between many of the village properties are the only evidence still visible of the then prospering old mining village.

This village is incredibly quaint, with old shacks, dilapidated houses and an old stone church on a hillside. It is as if it’s been forgotten and the times have simply passed it by.

P.S. Note the old worn Post & Rail fence. The planter in front I found so utterly incongruous considering the surrounds.